Glorious Gardens | Garden Design process

In our first meeting we look at what type of garden you are wanting.

This may involve looking at different styles of gardens as well as making a list of all the things you want to do in your garden.

We look at a budget that will suit you and the time it may take to build the garden.

We then measure up your garden and go away and draw up the design and research materials and plants that will suit your garden’s conditions.

After this we will share with you the design. Here we sit down and go through all the details. This stage is where the new design comes to life for you and is the best time we can make adjustments and changes.

Once you are happy with the design we can build the garden for you. We are very committed to using the best materials and workmanship and finish the garden on time and immaculately clean.

We are dedicated to looking at how every detail of the design impacts and supports the local environment whether that involves sourcing local materials to choosing plants that are wildlife friendly. 

We also offer a dedicated maintenance package where we look after your garden once it is built and keep it true to your original vision. We love to do this as it is such a pleasure to be involved in how the garden evolves over time.